Water Works

At Joseph Engineering we deal with all things water. Our experienced team of water line professionals are always ready to help. We understand that every project is unique and we therefore work with you as a client to determine the best delivery method to support your project. Our project execution approach layers client standards over our proven procedures to produce a high quality and customized product which provide a smooth project execution and delivery for any water project in the greater Santa Maria Valley, Lompoc and Southern San Luis Obispo County. Our expertise includes but is not limited to water lines, main water pipeline installation and repair, backflow devises, emergency service repairs, transmission pipelines, pump station, and reservoirs.

The Spirit of Innovation

The spirit and value of innovation has defined Joseph Engineering for more than a decade. Our work in the water industry and markets is built on the foundation of continuous improvement. With years of experience, Joseph Engineering brings solutions on how to control and distribute water sources to utilities, industries and other agencies. We ensure that you get the most value from your investment. We help our clients ensure that our water resources are protected and managed sustainably.

Water Solutions

We understand that water is fundamental for your facilities operations and also how water fits into your industrial process. Our expertise in construction and engineering enables us to deliver the right water solutions and processes for our clients. With this approach we ensure that operability and life cycle cost are at the forefront of every solution. Our customers satisfaction is always our major goal, offering small town business with BIG results.

Our Experience Shows in our Quality

For over 14 years, Joseph Engineering has provided clients with high quality and affordable water resources which in turn has enabled them to protect themselves against unexpected repair costs. We have had several contracts including but not limited to water line, in-home plumbing, sewer line and electric line in Lompoc, Santa Maria and Southern San Luis Obispo County for businesses, utilities, homeowners and municipal clients.

We strive to provide exceptional service to our clients and hassle-free repairs with the help of our experienced and professional team. We provide water line protection services and this will help you cut down on repair costs. Joseph Engineering is also available 24/7 for water line repairs and maintenance, and for public and sidewalk repairs and excavation. We also offer basic site restoration services including backfilling, re-seeding and raking.

Hot Tapping Repairs

Regardless of the location, complexity or size of the pipeline project, hot tapping is the preferred method for performing repairs, maintenance or modifications which require making safe entry into a pressurized line. Repairing leaks, corrosion, defects, dents and gouges can be an intensive task.

Joseph Engineering has worked to make the task more efficient and less costly for more than 14 years. We offer a range of reinforcement and repair products that will restore pipelines permanently to their maximum operating pressure without having the burden to replace the entire section. However big the damage is, we have the solution that can save pipeline operators and owners time and money by keeping their pipelines functional, operational and safe.

Our Team

We are a trusted team with the expertise needed to provide innovative technical solutions for all projects. Our high-quality construction integration, performance specifications and service delivery experience optimizes your project’s budget and ensures that all project needs are met. At Joseph Engineering, what makes us stand out is our commitment to our clients and the relationships we create with them, the industry and the community at large.

Quality, Safety, Stewardship

Our main goal is to leave behind a positive impact with our client and the community while maintaining focus on quality, safety, environmental stewardship and project schedule commitment.