Sewer & Septic Systems


Joseph Engineering has served residents of Santa Maria for more than a decade. We always strive for positive relationships with our clients and complete projects in a timely and professional manner. We perform multiple services in the sewer and septic industry including; new installation, locating systems for remodeling, repair of broken or old systems, septic to sewer conversions and consulting for planned future projects. We are confident with our work and believe that we are the best contractors in Santa Maria that you’ll need for your project.

Sewer Systems

Joseph Engineering also specializes in the installation, connections and repair of sewer systems for commercial and residential housing. You can give us a call if you need a repair or replacement at your home or commercial site. We have the tools to help you solve your sewer system problem. Our sewer services include pumping, drain line repair and replacement, backflow prevention, sewer pipes installation, trenching among others. In addition, Joseph Engineering strives to leave everything neat after the project is completed. We protect all surrounding areas and ensure that there is no big mess at the excavation site.

Septic Systems

A septic system is a self-contained underground system for treating wastewater onsite and is often more economical than connection to a public sewer system. With septic systems, wastewater flows from a building or a house and is usually made of fiberglass or concrete. After which liquids, solids, grease and oil separate into layers and anaerobic bacteria breaks down the solids. The solids that cannot be broken down by the bacteria are retained in the tank and must be pumped out. The liquid waste moves from the septic tank then moves to a drain or leach field. A leach field is an absorption system made of tranches that contain perforated pipes in a gravel bed. The soil and gravel act as natural filters to remove particles and allow water to soak or be absorbed into the ground.

ECOPOD® Series for Advanced Wastewater Treatment

ECOPOD® series is an intra-tank bioreactor that can be inserted into an average sized onsite wastewater treatment tank or vault (round or rectangular).

ECOPOD® series utilizes a fixed-film process which is characteristically stable, reliable and robust. Fixed-film is a preferred treatment process in many areas for onsite wastewater treatment systems.

Customizable for individual residential installations, cluster designs, and small-to-medium commercial applications.

The Problem

A septic system can be affected by the number of solids placed into the system especially kitchen garbage disposal can increase the number of solids. Also, the amount of waste introduced into the system based on the amount of water used and the number of people. The problem comes when you forget to pump the tank. Over time, the piping or septic tanks can break. These are often effects of age on the materials used in the construction of the septic system and this may cause leaks, allowing waste to escape and reduce the ability of the soil to soak in fluids. Sometimes plants can grow into the pipes therefore reducing capacity.

The Solution We Offer

Joseph Engineering is here to help you install a septic system that is durable and of high quality. We construct new septic systems that meet your standards and that is long lasting with minimum maintenance and care. Joseph Engineering offers you the latest septic system materials and technology. We are available and always on call if you are experiencing symptoms of failure in your septic system. Joseph engineering has the best equipment and qualified professional team in Santa Maria to help you diagnose the situation and helps you understand what may be going wrong with your system and what can be done to rectify the problem.

Contact us today for additional information on how we can help you solve your sewer and septic problems. With good reputation and expertise, we provide a service that you can trust.