Brian Joseph

CEO Joseph Engineering

Brian Joseph, was born and raised in the Santa Maria Valley and comes from a long line of construction and farming professionals.  His father was an iron worker and his paternal grandfather, an electrician. His maternal grandfather, Laurence George, who was of Portuguese descent, farmed in Santa Maria.  Grandpa George installed in Brian his entrepreneurial spirit, hard work and perseverance.  In his formative years, Brian would often go to work with his Grandpa George, observing how he treated his clients and employees like extended family.

Brian has taken those lessons and now exemplifies them through Joseph Engineering’s Core Values:

  • One Team – One Dream
  • Be safe
  • Be honest
  • Do the right thing the first time.

Today, Brian is an experienced construction industry professional with over 27 years of specialized knowledge in equipment operation, grading, excavation, main line and lateral utilities, electrical, and plumbing. As the majority owner of Joseph Engineering, he assumes complete responsibility for project management, estimating, coordination of subcontractors, project engineering, superintending, and staff evaluation.